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Phone :
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that sell.

Professional WordPress development and design.

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What is important to you?

Find a team that makes WordPress web solutions that will increase your website sales.

We make websites, e-shops and web development for companies that want to sell their services or products online. We help to digitize the concept of your company, which is clear and easy to understand for the visitor.

We build each website on the principle that the visitor understands where he is and why it is useful for him?

From idea to goal

There are different web solutions for your idea and purpose. We develop end-user-oriented web applications or help automate your company's business processes on the website.

WordPress team

WP is actually a powerful tool for your web and content management. We know WordPress as our five fingers and we can create more complex web solutions. E-shops, websites and E-businesses as well.

We are capable

We believe that good cooperation starts with competence and long-term experience. We promise that we will be thorough and personal to listen to you and think smartly. In order for a web solution to bring results.

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Marti Järve investor

We started our cooperation with Woofy with a vision of what kind of website Teamservice OÜ would need. The question and expectation of how to achieve this was largely left to the developer. At Woofy, I appreciate that the solutions offered were always thought out and homework done. As we do not develop websites on a daily basis, there were some trends and solutions in this field that he introduced. the moment of eye opening. The deadlines were met and the work at the operational level went well from start to finish. We have found a partner in the Woofy agency, with whom we will see in the future that the Teamservice.ee website can keep pace with the developments in the digital world.

The process of completing a website by Woofy Web Agency was quick and easy. What I liked most was that innovative and functional solutions were offered during the development. I really appreciate it when the work is done with heart and dedication and I was able to experience it.

Aitäh Woofy'le väga toreda koostöö eest! BabyCool projekt kasvas lõpuks kaheks projektiks ning tänu Ergole oleme üles saanud oma uue kodulehe ning e-poe! Abi saime nii visuaalide lahendamisel, tehnilisel poolel kui ka muude jooksvate murede puhul, mis otseselt või kaudselt seotud kodulehe/e-poega! Jätkame koostööd endiselt kodulehe hoolduse poole pealt ning vaatame kaugele veebilahendustega areneda saab 😊

I recommend the web agency as a cooperation partner for several reasons - they are reliable, fast and creative professionals in their field. Not only do they make beautiful websites, but they also know marketing well, which is extremely important when creating a website!

Woofy's long-term website management experience has made our two collaborations very effective. I always visualize and they perform with ease.

Personal and very professional approach throughout the cooperation. The customer's thoughts were mapped correctly from the beginning and the needs were identified quickly, as well as several suitable suggestions for improving the solution were made. Immediate and very pleasant communication and the end result was better than expected. I definitely recommend the web agency Woofy services!

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