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Auto Tangent 2. ダイナミクスとエフェクト Bifrost のプロシージャル エフェクト ダイナミック ソルバを使用した新しいビジュアル プログラミング環境で、大ヒット映画並みのプロシージャル エフェクトをすばやく簡単に作成できます。 すぐに使えるグラフ あらかじめ用意されているグラフを使用して、雪から砂嵐まで、美しいエフェクトをすぐに作成できます。 Bifrost 流体シミュレーション フォトリアルな液体をシミュレートしてレンダリングできます。 ヘアのインタラクティブ グルーミング ヘアとファーをリアルに見せる束エフェクトで、より自然なヘアを再現できます。 ディープ アダプティブ流体シミュレーション Bifrost 液体用の新しいアダプティブ ソルバにより、必要な部分だけを高詳細なレベルでシミュレーションできます。 Bifrost 海洋シミュレーション システム 波、波紋、航跡を使用してリアルな海面を作成できます。 Maya nCloth リアルで変形可能な素材を作成できます Bullet Physics リジッド ボディとソフト ボディのリアルなシミュレーションを作成できます。 3D アニメーション キャッシュ プレイバック ビューポート 2. Maya Matrix Driven Workflows. Script By David Peers 4. Camera Track. This process is useful when you want to:. We recorded this page in Maya


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Formerly named Free Tangent Weight in previous versions of Maya. Specifies that when you move a tangent, its angle and weight can be changed. Shortcut commands by category ; \ + Right mouse button, 2D Zoom tool ; \, Enable/disable 2D Pan/Zoom ; Animation Operations ; I, Insert Keys Tool (for Graph Editor). autodesk maya friend If no channels are selected in the Channel Box, the Graph Editor displays curves for selected objects as usual.


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A graphical representation of interpolation between animation keys that you can modify. To open the Graph Editor:. Maya’s Graph Editor is an updated version of the legacy Maya Graph Editor, giving you a more intuitive approach to manipulating animation curves and keys in your scene.

The following table provides a brief overview of tasks using the Graph Editor :. Place the Graph Editor in a scene view. Turn on Pre-selection highlighting in the Graph Editor.

To navigate through views using these hotkeys, click in the Graph Editor then press left bracket [ to move to the previous view, or right bracket ] to move to the next view. Filter mangled Euler angles. See Graph Editor Curves menu. Change the rotation interpolation type of existing curves.

You can also middle-click an empty area of the Graph Editor and drag to reposition selected keys. Curves are automatically renormalized when you turn on Display Normalized or the active curve list changes. The Graph Editor is presented as graph view of scene animation so you can create, view, and modify animation curves various ways.

For example, you can control interpolation between keyframes, extrapolation of curves, and change animation curves value and timing by altering the shape of animation curves using tangent handles. Note: While the Graph Editor’s color scheme is designed for high visibility, you can customize the colors in the Color Settings. Other improvements include: The Move Tool is no longer needed to move keys Tangents are weighted and free by default Interactive keyframes and the ability to isolate curves Scrubbable Time Marker that moves anywhere you click on the Time ruler Resizeable play range Simplified view names.

Tip: Change the highlight color with the Colors window. To scrub along the Time ruler at the top of the Graph view, drag the Current Time Marker left or right. Stacked view: Press 2. Normalized view: press 3. Note: Curves are automatically renormalized when you turn on Display Normalized or the active curve list changes.

Zooming is centered based on the location of the mouse cursor. Select the animation curve see To select a curve ,below and click F to frame the selection. On the Time Ruler, click the edge of the dark region and drag to change the playback range. Stretch the playback range in the time view by dragging the flags on the Time ruler. Drag the Current Time Marker. To scrub in the Graph view below the Time ruler , press K to release the cursor lock.

Use the square bracket hotkeys [ and ]. These are the same hotkeys that let you move between camera views in the viewport. Click the key on the curve. Tangents are weighted and free by default. Curve selection is on by default. Click or drag-select the curve between two keys to select it.

Click or middle-mouse-click the curve again to move it. Select a key and drag it. Move multiple keyframes in time without changing the attribute value. Drag-select the keyframes to move. Shift-middle-drag the frames left or right. Absolute view: Press 1 This view is the default.

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