Microsoft office word 2010 keeps freezing free

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Microsoft office word 2010 keeps freezing free.Ask the Microsoft Community. We’re here to help!

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1. Sometimes, add-ins can cause problems. · 2. Try repairing your office installation (Quick repair is good enough). · 3. Login to Windows with a. It most frequently freezes when I click on the File tab and when I try to print my document. I have to use Task Manager to close it down. Is.


Microsoft office word 2010 keeps freezing free


This article presents a systematic approach to help you resolve various error messages and problems in Microsoft Word. You can use one of the following methods to resolve various error messages and problems in Word:.

If you want to perform the steps using the Trouble shoot Utility, start with step 1. If you want to perform the steps manually, start with step 2. THis solved my problems. After doing that, Office is now working perfectly fine.

No more re-starting or crashing when I’m running IE at the back, nor trying to copy something in Word or Excel. It looks like the iCloud Panel software does have some compatibility issues with Office. The quick test for this problem is to close all open browsers. If the problem goes away it is probably Skype. March 30 — MS has released an update to Skype that fixes the problem.

Go to the Skype site, download and install the newest version ofc the program. For anyone reading this, I figured out the problem after surfing the web for the past weeks. Painful process. I have a paid version of Advanced SystemCare Pro, v5.

I turned it on and checked the 5 boxes it offers in the settings. The last of those 5 is “Clean Clipboard”. I unchecked this box a few minutes ago and it fixed my issues. Info only, it case it helps anyone. I have found that if I click out of the Word window and press any key on the keyboard, this seems to resolve the problem and I can finally highlight with my mouse.

However, as soon as I type anything in the Word window again, highlighting with the mouse no longer works.

Clicking on any key again within the Word window does not resolve the issue- I have to push a key outside the Word window in order to resolve the problem. I had installed the Synergy program 1. Thank you both for your time and help. I didn’t have to disable the whole program. I also did the “Quick Repair” and the “Online Repair” of Office Preview, but I’m pretty sure it was the add-in removal that made the difference.

Alright, well, I found the answer to this final issue: I only needed to disable the Bluetooth add-in on Options.

I have no idea why that would have been the problem, but I found it as a suggested fix here. Now every single thing opens quickly and without error. My problem is if I copy text from a web site or from Excel, Access etc into Word all I get is a black spot. I have tried a repair install and checking all the settings against my laptop – where this function works properly. In my case – Intel Centrino Wireless Bluetooth 3. If this is a problem, changing to a different bluetooth driver version may be the better option.

Oddly enough, this ended up being the cause of my problem. I had an older print driver installed on my Win7 machine and once I removed that driver, Word started working without any problems!

You can delete individual printer drivers by going into the registry. Note that simply going to Printers and Faxes and deleting a printer there does not delete the printer driver. Follow Step 3 in my previous post about a printer error to remove the printer drivers:. Once this software was disabled – The errors stopped.

Click the Open drop-down arrow at the bottom. Provided that your MS Word keeps freezing after trying option 1 or 2. You can choose to make use of the Office repair tool to fix the freezing Word. It is mentioned hereinbelow to repair corrupted program files of your MS Word with Settings. Step 1: Lauch the Settings application through the Start menu or the Search bar. Then select the option Apps from the Settings menu. Right click it and tap the Modify button.

Then this task will ask for your confirmation. Step 3: There will be two options to fix the frozen MS Word. You can easily restore any document using the “on the fly” filters. They allow you to display files with a specific header, text created by a specific user, or a certain size. As in other DiskInternals offers, there is a Recovery Wizard, a preview is completely free for all users of the program, there are several options for scanning the disk and many other valuable options.

At any time, you can save all the search results with the trial version of the program to your computer, or laptop after purchasing a license. You can ask any questions of highly qualified specialists at the company and get comprehensive answers and timely help.

Recover unsaved Word documents on Windows 10! Recover Notepad Files Today! After the process ends, restart your PC and check if the issue is solved. If not, try the Online Repair instead. If Microsoft Word keeps freezing Windows 10 due to damaged Word files, you can repair the specific Word file with these steps.

Step 3: In the prompted window, choose the file you want to fix, open the Open dropdown menu by clicking the down icon, and then pick the Open and Repair option. The Word frozen issue might occur if your computer connects with an incompatible printer. In this case, try switching the default printer to other available printers to get rid of the error. Step 1: Right-click on the Windows icon on the desktop and then click Settings in the Start menu.

Step 3: Scroll down the content in the right side of the window until you locate the Allow Windows to manage my default printer section. Then uncheck this option. Then click on it and tap the Manage button. Step 5: Click on the Set as default button under the Manage your device section. Learning from the above content, bad sectors on the location where the Microsoft Word application and Word files are saved might trigger the MS Word freezing issue.

It is recommended to check hard drive for bad sectors when the issue appears. As an all-in-one partition management expert, MiniTool Partition Wizard comes into use. Its Surface Test feature enables you to find bad sectors on the hard drive within a few clicks. With a straightforward interface, this program is even friendly to beginners. To use advanced features, you are required to get its Pro or higher editions. If you want to pick a suitable edition, please refer to this edition comparison page.

Download and install this program by clicking the button below and then following the on-screen instructions. After that, follow the given steps to check if your hard drive has bad sectors. Free Download. Step 3: In the prompted window, click on the Start Now button to begin the process.

Step 4: Then wait for the finish of the process. The scanning results will appear with the progress of the scanning, which means that you can view the real-time results. If there are any blocks in the scanning area marked with red colour, it means that the hard drive contains bad sectors.


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