Ergo Menov 

General construction
Cement works
Wooden stairs, terraces, balconies
Clean working style.

About me

I am open and creative and manage my time and the time of others well. I highly value teamwork and efficient use of time. Like to work outside environment and small houses. 

Saaremaa port 2006, March - June

Working on the Saaremaa new port with my brother to prepare cement works. We installed many metal hooks to the biig pipes and on top of that came port. Also we did cleaning of the construction area as well.

Wood working teacher at school.

During 2009-2011 I was working in three different scoolsteaching children woodwork, electronics, plastic, metal works. Very simple tools handeling as well. Safety first.

Real estate broker 2013-2018

I was working in real estate for almost 6 years and learned selling, client support and how to manage property legal aspect. It was interesting personal growth.

Snow work in Helsinki 2012-13 winter.

Jüri and Ergo worked together on helsinki roof tops and showelling snow to the ground. This was 3 months work.

Education 2002 - 2005

Tallinn University, Manual training and craft specialist. Also teacher training. Woodwork, metal work, plastic, glas. Also combining different materials together.

Stair cases project manager 2006-2008

After Saaremaa port I was working as constructor and project manager in stair cases company. This was very close to my studies in the university. Thats why I did that.

Curriculum Vitae
{ 1. june 1981
{ Estonian, English, Russian
{ +372 56 450 690

Nice to talk to you soon!

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